Chipolino Ltd. is a Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing and trade with baby products with the brands “Chipolino” and “Baby Max”. The product range includes baby strollers, child car seats, high chairs, play pens and cribs, wooden beds, multifunctional toys, kids clothes – everything that babies and small children need. Product follow trends and design, so every year new collection ois created, which distinguishes and makes products unique. Producer experience helps ensure safety and comfort for children.  

Chipolino offers safe, comfortable and functional products distinguished by their unique design that make their use a pleasant experience for the families raising kids. Product range is constantly expanding with brand new concepts, as well as with reinvented traditional items. The safety of Chipolino products is guaranteed and certified in laboratories and complies with all EN standards. Comfortable and stylish, the products offered by Chipolino are the choice of every parent with active lifestyle looking for the optimum for his/her family.