We use wood taken from sustainable forests. Throughout the company, we take initiative to care for the future.

We put much time and effort into designing and redesigning our products so that our toys are enjoyable for your children and above all, safe. Changes in perception and updated policies are constantly put in place to adapt to our customers requirements and to safeguard their image. We constantly make improvements to not only meet safety requirements, but to exceed them. In doing so, we keep ourselves and our customers reputation high.

We instill this ethos into our products. We want your children to have the toys, games, and educational materials that can challenge them while entertaining and educating them. So we design our products with a parent’s insight and a child’s imagination. Our design team is made up of parents, teachers, early childhood development counselors and others who deeply understand a child’s needs. Perhaps most importantly though, it’s done without losing the fun!

We know that children are our future, so it’s our duty to care for them, to nurture them.

At Classic International, we set the bar high for quality. We know that your kids deserve only the best toys. We ensure this with our rigorous QC process. ClassicWorld has passed global standards include: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, Sedex Membership, BSCI and FSC certification and we also authorized by Disney. With our toys you can be sure of quality for years to come.