We invent, design, produce and distribute games, mostly aimed at 4-11 year olds, which bring people together, family and friends, helping them to learn and have fun. Green Board Games has been producing learning-focused games since 1991. Gary Wyatt started the company with one game, Alpha Animals, and the company now boasts over 200 products. GBG has grown into one of the few UK-based games companies to export to more than 60 countries and translate our games into over 30 languages. This growth is largely due to the BrainBox brand which was launched in 2007 and is now a well-established name in the global toy industry.

Since then the company has expanded and added new and exciting ranges of games and educational products which have helped the company grow further. There is a strong belief that this growth can be maintained and that GBG could be a significant player in the world board game and educational markets for many years to come.

Designed in the UK and made using recycled and ethically sourced material. Play together, Learn together.